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Oriental rugs represent more than just simple floor coverings or wall hangings. They tell special stories about a specific time, place and people. When it comes time to clean your fine rug, let our expert team provide you with our high quality, professional Oriental rug cleaning service.

At 1800 NY Carpet, we give you a cleaning treatment that treats your fine Oriental rug with the care, attention and love it both needs and deserves. We work with you from start to finish ensuring the best results and your complete satisfaction. 

We employ only trained experts to work with your rugs. They use a combination of traditional cleaning skills and modern machinery to give you a deep and long lasting clean. 

Protect & Lengthen the Life of Your Rug

Our Oriental rug cleaning service effectively removes set-in stains, embedded soil and dust, and trapped allergens and germs that threaten the quality of the rug and degrade its original beauty. 

Without proper and regular cleaning to remove these pollutants, your rug falls victim to premature aging, fading, discoloration, tears, holes and fringing.

Proven Process for Best Results

Our proven cleaning process removes messes without causing damage to the foundation and beauty of the rug. We start with a complete inspection to identify the messes and then, at our off-site care center, we dust, clean, dry and groom the rug. 

From the inspection, our experts prescribe one of four cleaning methods according to the rugs make, type and need. We offer dry cleaning, hand washing, green cleaning and traditional shampoo cleaning treatments. 

Our rug cleaning service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free pick up and delivery service. 

So, when you need a truly professional Oriental rug cleaning service, call the expert team at 1800 NY Carpet.

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