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When crawling into bed most people don’t stop to consider the unwelcome guests living in your mattress. These unpleasant guests include dust mites, allergens and sometimes even bed bugs.

At 1800 NY Carpet, we provide professional mattress cleaning services to clear your bed of the unpleasant guests and their uncomfortable side effects. Our professional and well trained technicians give you a deep clean that eliminates all threats so you can sleep better.

Dust mites quickly and easily take up residence in your mattress. They hide deep in the coils and springs and feed off the dry skin you shed on a daily basis. 

Dust mites pose a great risk to the overall health in your home. They leave behind an extremely high amount of feces which cause serious allergic reactions and contribute to the spread of upper respiratory illness.

Banish the Messes from Your Sacred Space

Our mattress cleaning service works deep into the fabrics and springs to remove all messes, dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens professionally and completely. We give you a quality service with results that last.

When it comes to your sleep space, don’t leave it vulnerable to bugs, germs and allergens. Our technicians perform a comprehensive cleaning service using only the best equipment and effective cleaning products.

We start the service by removing all the deeply embedded messes with our powerful vacuums. We then use our special line of cleaning products to kill all germs and allergens. We rinse out the cleaners, along with the messes, and leave you with a long lasting and healthy clean.

Don’t leave your sleep space at the mercy of bed bugs and dust mites, call 1800 NY Carpet for a professional mattress cleaning service today.

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