How to Clean Stains From Rose Petals

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Roses for Valentines Day | 1800 NY Carpet BlogNothing is more romantic than opening the doorway to your home on Valentines Day and finding a trail of rose petals leading up to a bubble bath, or bed strewn with flower petals. Rose petals create an atmosphere of romance, but they can also leave some major stains behind. Before you ruin the romance by creating a major mess, have your rose petal clean up kit ready to go.

After you and your love have finished soaking in a relaxing bathtub full of bubbles, rose petals and scented oils, you may find that the tub has a pink ring stain around the edges. After draining the tub and rinsing away any oils, spray the surface of the tub with a cleaner like Oxiclean. Allow the cleaner to sit for a few hours and then scrub away.

A romantic Valentines Day gesture, like rose petals on the bed, can quickly turn into a disaster if rose petals ruin the bed sheets. Avoid any problems by using a darker pair of sheets, or at least avoid using that really expensive set of Egyptian cotton sheets that you got as a wedding gift. The best way to get rose petal stains out of sheets is to wash them as soon as possible. Don’t forget to shake out the sheets so that you don’t accidentally throw a few petals in with the wash.

Rose petals are so romantic that risking the occasional stain is worth the romance. Don’t let a little stain ruin your romantic evening, sheets can be replaced, a night can not.

Happy Valentines Day.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Also, putting some peroxide on a cloth and gently dabbing/rubbing the sheets will take the stains right out. I just found that out like five minutes ago, and it worked great.

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